How These How These Medallion App Marketing Tips Can Really Make Your Business Take Off! Marketing Tips Can Really Make Your Business Take Off!

Facebook marketing sounds like a no-brainer. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and poses a great way to reach 1 in 8 people on the whole planet all at one time. People are there all the time, and view their pages all day long typically, so it makes a great way to reach people you would otherwise lose out on via search engine marketing efforts. Here we pose tips to make a successful Medallion App marketing campaign.

What tops the list is so simple you might laugh at yourself for not thinking of it. A contest is a great way to spread brand awareness while building page likes for a nominal fee to send out a prize from your company. You might even make it free for your company by giving away free access to your seminars and classes that normally cost hundreds of dollars.

What happens as a result of giving away a prize is you get more likes, and also potentially a great comment about your Medallion App product, which is the prize. For the chance to win a nominal prize, people will gladly give a like and provide signup information to receive your product emails. You might provide a discount code to entice people to try out your product while boosting your sales. Of course, always honor your promise to award a prize.

In addition, do monitor your wall so that you may respond to people who make comments, whether they are positive or not. Being engaging is considered good social etiquette. After all, on your own account, do you keep around “Friends” who never respond when you take the time to leave them a message on their wall?

It is important to build awareness that your page and brand exist in the Facebook universe. It is wise then to go out and like pages of other companies within your industry. This will both build awareness while hopefully increasing the engagement that is tagged by search engines. In other words, it makes your brand more relevant.

Look at paying Facebook for advertising as well, because this will ensure better use of time by providing targeting to the specific demographics you need to reach. It is something you may try out to see if it works. It may only incur a small investment to see if it is worth it or not.

Sending Outside Traffic To Medallion App
Another way to bring traffic to your Facebook page is from your website. If you have a thriving blog and want to get the word out that you are having a contest, send people to your Facebook page. It will get interest, and build likes and maybe even demonstrations of support for your project on your wall. That is all good.

A word to the wise, here, if you have customers emailing you about how great your product is, make sure you get their permission to share the glowing commentary before blasting it all over Facebook or the Internet.

Another way to increase user engagement is to have polls or surveys that build participation. Use different ways to engage your audience to see what works best with your customers.

Always have complete contact information on Facebook. Include hours of operation, website information, services and products, an email, any physical address, and a phone number.

The idea is to build awareness that generates traffic to your site and your Facebook page. To do this use Facebook Ads or Facebook Sponsored Stories to reach an, even more, targeted audience.

Include informative or entertaining content on your Facebook page such as you might have on your regular blog. Though, what’s more, effective on Facebook and overall online now are videos. It is easy for people to view on their smartphones. On your blog, make sure you include your Facebook information.

Facebook marketing is a great way to make inroads reach your customer base. It is an excellent way to increase brand awareness while expanding the number of people who are learning about your company. You may want to invest money in Facebook advertising to reach your target audience and demographics. In addition, you may find that running contests and have polls are an excellent way to build excitement, interest, and engagement while expanding your reach with new people. In addition, always use your existing Medallion App blog and site to bring people to Facebook too.

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